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About the Game:

Genesis is a 3D Social based and Chronological MMORPG fully controlled by players, developed with HeroEngine. 

Genesis can be compared to a giant "Civilization V", where each player is a citizen, where the time is evolving with them, witnessing all their world's changes. Thus, Genesis is not a medieval fantasy based story, Genesis evolves with time, from a medieval universe at the birth of a planet to a futuristic environment.

Gameplay and goals:

Players enter a completely new world, created by gods, they are the first people of their kind. One of the biggest thing on Genesis, is the fact that there's no combat in the game, and that XP is earned in another way than fighting, but with interacting with the world and helping his planet to evolve. 
Players are in charge of building cities on the ground, underwater or in space, inventing technologies to make the world evolving the way they want, from the invention of fire to the invention of spacial exploration, possibilities are infinite. 

Interaction with environment:

This is a really important thing in Genesis. Taken from Point&clicks, this system is the possibility of interacting straight with objects from the world, combining objects, having information on everything by right-clicking on objects and chose between "Information", "Use" or "Pick". In you inventory it work the same but with a "Use with" function, allowing the player to use this object and combine it with other, just like in Point&Click adventure games!

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